2012 Breeders’ Championship Europe


Managed by Arabian Horse Event and organised by the Arabian Horse Organization, the 2012 European Breeders' Championship aims to encourage and promote the work of the breeders of Arabian show horses all over Europe.

Deauville's competition welcomes the finalists of the European Breeders' Championship. These finalists consist of the top 5 horses from each class who qualified during the competitions that took place earlier in the year at Saint-Tropez, Berlin and Warsaw.

Date : 12th and 13th October 2012
Place : Pôle Equestre International
14 avenue Ox and Bucks, 14800 Saint-Arnoult, France

Prizes :

Trophies and cash prizes totalling 60,000 Euros
Distributed as follows : from 1st to 5th place in each class 500€ each
Championship : Gold : 4000€ - Silver : 2500€ - Bronze : 2000€
4th : 750€  - 5th : 750€
Best handler : 5000€